Smooth Nudist

for all who love the felling of being smooth

smooth pits

How many guys shave their pits too? I started doing it when I saw how many guys were smooth in Europe. Many guys had pubic hair but smooth pits. I go all the way and just curious to know how many others do it too. I've also noticed more black...

Great feeling

Hi I joined this group because even though I cannot always be nude when I am I love the feeling of being smooth. It also looks so much nicer on men and woman both. Would you rather see a shaved one or one so hairy you can't see it.

Help Ingrown Hairs

In a couple places after I shave I am prone to ingrown hairs? Any suggestions to limit this? I love the smooth look and feel, however, hate the red bumps from the hairs a day or two later. Help!!!

Smooth Hole

A hair free hole is more hygienic and easier to keep clean. That being said, how many guys keep their hole, smooth as well? I am not very hairy but I do wax or shave mine every couple of weeks.

Smooth and Cock Rings

I really enjoy being smooth and wearing metal cock rings , would love to meet people with same fetish !

What is the best process

I shave from my nose to my crotch. I havent attacked the jungle on my legs. I did several years ago and feel was tremendous, nothing like cuddling with the wife and not having hair between us. I stopped I guess because I got lazy. It is very tedious...

Today I took it off

After a long process, I finally took it all off, and I'm glad I did. I really enjoy the new look and feel.

New to it

Well, when. I was in my 20's I did a full shave and hated it, then again I was all of about 130lbs and frankly looked like a drowned rat.Forward to today, decades later, I took to trimming, then some shaving (scrotum, above the penis) Now I'm...


New to the group and wanted say hello. Had been shaved for several years then fell of the wagon. Shaved last week and rediscovered how great it feels. Won't ever go back !!!

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