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for all who love the felling of being smooth

Visitor tomorrow night , first time smooth...

Someone is coming round tomorrow night, his never been smooth before so wants me to help out, I've always said I don't have a problem with helping others, so will be s good night, I've said once you go smooth all over you won't want...

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Now totally smooth from neck too feet

I have used hair removal cream for a few years now doing from neck down to top of knees, I like to wear shorts in the summer and non nudist friends wouldn't understand being smooth lol so left them.. last weekend I done all over my body from neck...

Best hair removal

Ive been a smoothie for several years. Im tired of shaving and was wondering if anyone has experience with the at home laser system. Do they work? Are they worth the money? Any feedback would be appreciated.

If you need help in going smooth!

If you would like help in going smooth as worried about cutting yourself or getting shaving rash etc I can help. I've been smooth for a few years now and use Veet hair removal cream, this can cause some problems if not used correctly but the...

Considering going smooth

Hi folks, I'm currently quite hairy down below, thinking of going for the smooth look, interested in opinions you may have.

looking for advice/help

I love being smooth but shaving all the time is pissing me off. I have had a full body wax a couple of times but can't find anywhere local (east end London or Romford Essex way) that will include ALL areas. Any guys here from this neck of the...

Wife smooth

Wife Eli always smooth below, prefers the look and feel. Looks better in her micro panties as well. I tend to be close trimmed as have experienced irritation in that region after shaving. For us smooth is simply the best look when nude, but fully...

Smooth Hole

A hair free hole is more hygienic and easier to keep clean. That being said, how many guys keep their hole, smooth as well? I am not very hairy but I do wax or shave mine every couple of weeks.

Just lucky

I dont have much hair to start im bald....never had a hairy body(lucky for me) I use an epilator on my pubic hair I prefer to hav it that way this year I used it on my legs and loved the feel of it. Does take time tho thats the only...

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