Smooth Nudist

for all who love the felling of being smooth

Male Brazilian wax

Has guys here had a Brazilian wax? Did use wax or Sugaring? I ask that because I've heard it depends on where you as to which they use. And now for the big question? How bad did it hurt? I've been thinking about getting one.

Been smooth for a few years

Ill never go back love the look as well as the feel of being completely bare!

Feels strange now.

It occurred to me as I was shaving that up until five years ago I had pubic hair and it didn't bother me. Now if I get a couple days worth of stubble down there it drives me crazy the way it feels. It's not the itching, because it...

Uk smooth

Becoming more popular now in uk, i think. Am lucky as am not furry naturally. Looking to share experiences with smooth nudes. Able to travel to meet so open to offers.

Totally Smooth from the neck down

Hi all I currently shave everything except legs, arms and underarms, how many of you shave absolutely everything? as i'm considering taking the next step.

Smooth Hole

A hair free hole is more hygienic and easier to keep clean. That being said, how many guys keep their hole, smooth as well? I am not very hairy but I do wax or shave mine every couple of weeks.

New smooth nudist

Hey all jst started shaving and being smooth id love to chat and meet other smooth nude dudes feel free to pm me :)

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Smooth Nudists Friendship

Hello all! I'm Luke, 26yo from Brazil, totally smooth neck down and love it! Would like to connect with other fully smooth nudists that also feel comfortable being like this! My skype: / snapchat: apolloisnude (just...

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Naked People Photo Project

Hello, check my new project out and send your photos if you want :)

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Hi I can make your body look clean, feel fresh and trimmed at my home studio in Chicago near Ohare. Have 5 years of experience with multiple men sizes and colors as well ages, most men wants to stay clean and trimmed or shaved. I can do your whole...


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