Smooth Nudist

for all who love the felling of being smooth

Smooth Hole

A hair free hole is more hygienic and easier to keep clean. That being said, how many guys keep their hole, smooth as well? I am not very hairy but I do wax or shave mine every couple of weeks.

Wife smooth

Wife Eli always smooth below, prefers the look and feel. Looks better in her micro panties as well. I tend to be close trimmed as have experienced irritation in that region after shaving. For us smooth is simply the best look when nude, but fully...

Finally took the waxing plunge!

After 25+ years of shaving the twig and berries every day in the shower, I let myself grow out enough to get a full Brazilian waxing today. Nice salon in Northern VA, very sweet and experienced lady. It only took 20 minutes from start to finish, and...

Considering going smooth

Hi folks, I'm currently quite hairy down below, thinking of going for the smooth look, interested in opinions you may have.

group wallpaper

Who is that picture of thats used for the group wallpaper?? Jesus CHRIST i would love to get ahold of THAT man meat!! My God, i would be gaping after that guy! Thick AND long!!

Latest Post
Smooth to knees

I use cream from neck down to knees, in don't mind nudists seeing me smooth but in every day life I like wearing shorts and don't want to have to explain to people why I got smooth legs, in winter I some times do all my legs, just wish other...

Great feeling

Hi I joined this group because even though I cannot always be nude when I am I love the feeling of being smooth. It also looks so much nicer on men and woman both. Would you rather see a shaved one or one so hairy you can't see it.

Allways smooth

I shave all over every other day, except head. Feels so clean and smooth, bit tricky around cock and balls .

smooth pits

How many guys shave their pits too? I started doing it when I saw how many guys were smooth in Europe. Many guys had pubic hair but smooth pits. I go all the way and just curious to know how many others do it too. I've also noticed more black...


Let have some convo about why being nude and smooth is fun...healthy...clean and sexy?

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