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for all who love the felling of being smooth

Which situation led you to start shaving?...

I started shaving as a dare in boarding school by the other boys. ( I was a late developer compared to the other boys). One night in the showers they dared me to shave my pubes off. I was sixteen at the time. When I was done they all looked at me to...

Shaving it All smooth

I have been shaving and have a Full Brazilian waxing every 3/4 months . Been shaving since my late teens as I never liked the feel or look of my pubic hair bit not having a wax in the last ten years or so, as never had the courage to go and told it...

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We love the smooth feel of each others body, and we think it is more visually stimulating

Hello from Ky

This sub Grandpa has since Boy Scouts love hairless cocks and balls but honestly none turned away Justjackinit@gmail

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Full nudity on Skype

Anyone who likes being fully naked and exposed in a chat, add me:


It's a group for young nudists around the world to get connected and meet new people through this quarantine. Rules: 1. You must be 18-40 2. When joining, you must introduce yourself sharing a nudist pic, how long you've been nudist and...

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WhatsApp Group

Hey everyone! I'm thinking about creating a Nudist Group on WhatsApp. Two rules: 1. Only share self pics/videos with FACE included. 2. Avoid deleting messages. Who's up to? Text me: +553491419266 or send message here with your number

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Epilators: has anyone tried them

So I'm thinking that I want to get a epilator rather than shaving all the time. Shaving needs a lot of upkeep and I'd like a longer lasting solution. I am however concerned that I'm too much of a wimp and that the pain of using an...

Shave under the Sun

One of my favorite things to do is grab my razor, water and baby oil and sit on my patio naked. The sun light highlights those pesky hairs that I missed shaving in the shower. And I scrap them away. It has a very relaxing affect on me. And in this...

hi everybody

we are a smooth nudist couple. who loves smooth nudists can contact us! hangouts: