South Bangalore Nudists For Meetups

This group is for nudists of all ages and genders living in South Bangalore to connect and meetup. This is specifically for south Bangaloreans so that it's easier to arrange meetups and have good attendance.

Anyone for a meetup?

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Now that the covid lockdown is over (but not covid though!), anyone up for a meet? Anyone would like to host?

Some basic guidelines to follow in the pandemic times:
1. Follow at least 1 meter of social distancing during the meetup.
2. Bring a towel to sit on.
3. Respect everyone's privacy. No clicking pictures or anything of such sorts.
4. No sexual activities.
5. Not clothing optional but a strictly naturist meet
6. Be open minded and casual.

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RE:Anyone for a meetup?

I wud have joined it if I was allowed to cross the border

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