Southwestern Ontario Nude Beach Gro

Hello, a group who enjoys warm sunny days on a beach with fun loving friends. People who like to travel and maybe host other like minded people for friendship. People who travel and can tell us about what they have done.

Port Burwell nude beach warning.

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The nude beach in Port Burwell is Privately owned The owner is allowing this section of his beach to be patronized by Naturist/nudist,,, There is a signs clearly stating sex will not be tolerated But on 2 separate occasions when I was there, there was a straight couple down where the gay men sit that were screwing, like we want to really see that, and then again 2 wives/girlfriends giving their boyfriends/husbands a blow job right on the beach where a few people were watching,,From what I am hearing if the owner sees this or gets a complaint, IT WILL BE SHUT DOWN. So Please if your having sex on the beach YOU are going to RUIN it for all the rest of us..

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