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Any Spas In Florida?

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Im right in the middle of the state of Florida and cant seem to find any kind of Korean or Family Spa? Does anyone know of one, or a spa that has a mens relation area (sauna, steam, plunge pools, etc.)? The closest larger city is Orlando for me. I hope to make it to Spa World one of these days.
Thank you everyone.

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RE:Any Spas In Florida?

That's exactly what we need in Miami. There were a couple of Korean Spas near where I lived in Dallas. It was a great, relaxing experience.
In Florida, there is a Korean Spa in Tampa but I'm not sure what it is like. Has anyone tried it out. I think it is called Shangri-la

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RE:Any Spas In Florida?

Shang-gri la is okay, one hot tub, one cold pool, a gang shower and a steam room. its nothing fancy but it a nice way to relax for the evening, they also serve food in the spa uniform area and some decent sake so. worth the roughly 20 bucks entry if it isn't outta your way. and you occasionally see another fella relaxing for the evening there but it wont be crowded like you would see at spa world.

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