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K-Town Sauna in NYC

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I went to K-town Sauna today in New York City. It just opened a few months ago. The place is smaller compared to other Korean Saunas in the New Jersey/New York City Area. But it has everything that you want in a Korean Sauna. They have a wet area where you are required to be nude to use the steam room, 2 hot tubs and a cool one. They have 3 different types of saunas in the coed area that you need to wear the uniform they provide. They also serve food there. I tried the seafood pancake and it was very good. The place is kept nice and clean. definitely will be going back there.

Maybe a fellow nudists from New Jersey and New York can meet up there sometime, Its very close to the PATH Train. Only about a block and half away from the 33rd street station.

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RE:K-Town Sauna in NYC

Hey the nude area do they keep the genders separated or is everyone nude together?

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RE:K-Town Sauna in NYC

Yes the nude areas are separated. Like in all Korean Spas, in the men's area you are required to be naked to use the steam room and hot tubs. If you want to use the saunas in the coed area, then you must wear a uniform that they provide a t-shirt and shorts.

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