Spa Nudists

People who like to be naked at spas. Please exchange your favorite spas so we can plan our naked vacations around them too. :)

Spa World Oct., Nov., and Dec.

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Lets plan out the next three months for our Spa World brotherhood time. Time to relax and enjoy some camaraderie. Spa World is a Korean spa/ bathhouse in Centreville, Virginia that is open 24/7. Nudity is required to be in the bathhouse part of the locker room. There is a bathhouse in the female locker room as well as the male locker room. They do keep the genders separated. It is a family place so some dad's will bring their sons and some uncles like me will bring their nephews. My nephew is 28 so his is not a child. LOL

Saturday October 28th, Saturday November 18th and Saturday December 30th are our dates.

Saturday October 28th I will not be able to be there since my wife and I will be at the Celtic Festival in Richmond. If you rather be in a kilt and see me in my kilt then join in the festival. I like wearing a kilt but I rather be nude. Wife and I need some time together. I hope there will be several of you guys that will go and enjoy some tn spa time together.

Saturday November 18th I will be there on that day. I also plan to go to Riverside spa/bathhouse on that Friday the 17th in the afternoon for only a few hours. I will be bringing my nephew again. He loved going last year. I plan to get there at Spa World between 9-10 AM and leave sometime after 5 PM. Plan to have lunch about 12:30 PM. There was a total of 20 guys last November and about 22 the year before. If you like to meet some tn guys who are TRUE NUDIST then November is the month to go.

Saturday December 30th, I will not be there. If you need some time to get away from the cold, family or just crazy holiday time then Spa World will be the place to go. Just relax the worries away in a warm place that is open to all that are willing to be nude in the Korean bathhouse part of the locker room. They do give out uniforms at the front desk to wear outside of the locker room. Just pay at the front desk, get your uniform and slip with your locker number on it. Then place your shoes in the shoe locker which is the little locker in the front lobby area. Then walk barefooted to the locker room and find your locker. Then you can either put the uniform then check out the rest of the spa and maybe eat a bite to eat in the restaurant OR you can just get naked, put all your clothes and belongings in the locker and walk into the bathhouse. Just remember to shower well first before going into the pool, sauna etc. You might also want to sign up for a body scrub before going into the bathhouse. It does cost extra for the body scrub just give them your key bracelet and you pay when leaving the spa. The key bracelet opens your locker and also is a way to charge stuff while inside the spa. We do not have pockets when we are nude. LOL

So enjoy Spa World sometime the next three months.
Hope to hear who is planning of going and which date you plan to be there. Thanks!!!

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