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Korean spa experience

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I was at a Korean spa that is open 24 hours. It has a day spa area, restaurant, a gym, Jjimjilbang, locker rooms and in the locker rooms is a bathhouse. The bathhouse has regular stand up showers and Korean style sit down showers. It also has a sauna, steam room, 3 hot tubs, a chill tub, a milti-station Jacuzzi pool and a kids tub. It is a nice family spa. To be in the bathhouse part of the locker room everyone has to be completely nude. There are hand towels there but only to use to sit on. I enjoy going there and not have to worry someone getting offended by me being nude walking from the shower to the locker like at some gyms. There is a little lounge are in the locker room and most just sit on a towel. It is great to just hangout nude there with friends. I was there with 16 other tn guys last Saturday. It was a great male bonding experience for us and the 6 non tn friends that were there with us. It is also a great bonding place for fathers and sons as well as mothers and daughters.Has anyone ever been to a Korean style spa that has a bathhouse?

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