Stealthy Nudists

This is a group for those who don't have the necessary privacy, to practice nudism at home. Join and discuss how you privatized an area of the outdoors outdoorsy home to be nude. Open back yard, close neighbors, city homes, decks in full view of the street..

My nudism is confined to late nights, or either in my bedroom, or my Man Cave, which I have renamed my Social Distancing Room.

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RE:Late Night

Mine is similar to yours, but I dont have a man cave per se. I just use my back yard, my living/family room, etc. and I get the benefit of some early morning time too, around 5:00am when its starting to get light out. Sitting on the back step watching the sun reflecting off the second story windows of the neighbors houses because my yard faces west, not East.

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RE:Late Night

I have found the ability to get naked (to a point) by going for a walk about 2200 and 0300 in just a shirt (XXXXL) and tennis shoes. People are driving too fast to notice what I am wearing. I like to free ball. I have even run into a neighbor or two and stood talking to them for about 5 minutes. Looks like I am walking in shorts. I really enjoy the freedom and the risk.

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RE:Late Night

Nudism all by oneself is still nudism, though I do at times prefer company when bare.

In 2004 while living in California, the nudist bug bit hard into me - before that it was something I only did at home and alone or with a girlfriend - some skinny dipping with mixed groups and some streaking back when it was a thing. Then in 2004, When I discovered the nude beach north of San Francisco (Red Rocks, near Stinson Beach), that was my baring epiphany and I never looked back. Moving back to Virginia at the end of the year (and back in with Mom, who then knew nothing of my need to be naked) put a serious cramp in my want for no clothes, so I began searching for ways to be that way, ending up in the mountains where I found a few places of skin-showing in solitude. One of the places was on top of a mountain that used to have a fire tower on it, but was actually on private land, where small groups of people would meet up and camp overnight. During the day almost no one showed up and I could do whatever I wanted to, prancing around in the lovely sun or working on my no-line suntan. It was mostly a grass-covered hilltop with some old, weather-beaten trees, and I could hear any people from a distance if they were coming up the challenging fire trail, and I could quickly put on some little bit of clothing so as to not be busted.

I found a great trail on the Skyline Drive that wasn't too popular on the weekdays where I could wear minimal clothing on my hikes up the mountain, usually a long button-down shirt that just barely hung below my genitals, and I'd carry a blanket or little folding chair, and arriving at the top of the nearly 3000 ft. peak, I'd park my bare body down in the rock field a few dozen yards from the top where other hikers wouldn't see me, spending hours suntanning or journaling or reading with pleasure, overlooking the Shenandoah Valley, watching the clouds roll by or letting a gentle summer rain wash away my cares. Almost never did I get interrupted, and even when I did get spotted, people realized I'd made effort to get away from them and would leave me alone.

I was banking on the fact that in America, national parkland allows nudity as long as you aren't doing something lewd or making a spectacle of yourself to others - although some of those parks do have specific laws against nudism because of past episodes where nude people couldn't help themselves from handling themselves, or letting the sexual tension overtake them with friends, ruining it for everyone else. My naturist side was quenched for years with these trips into the lovely old mountains of central Virginia, and they are still there (ask me for directions if you want to try them out), but now I've moved to a nude resort and I never wear clothes.

My want for other nude companions back then came in the form of a couple of folks around town, people that through deeper discussions I knew liked to be bare, and we'd meet up together on Thursdays at their places where we'd get together for drinks and smokes, sometimes backgammon or a video or television, until they started playing sexual games and it got weird. I admit it was exciting to watch, but I was still dating a non-nudist then and wasn't interested in involving myself in any sexual activity without her, so after a couple of times of seeing them engaged I lost that avenue of 'baring with buddies' time. I was looking for nudism, not an outlet for my libido.

I feel sorry for anyone who has gotten pushed into a corner to enjoy their nudism, whether it be through being married to a non-nudist or because they still live with family that doesn't know or understand their deep need for bareness. My luck was high when I met my sweetie at the nude resort where we now live full time, mere months after her very first visit to such a place. It didn't take long before she started to realize she wanted to spend as much of her life as she could nude; now we're like to bare peas in a pod!

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