Stealthy Nudists

This is a group for those who don't have the necessary privacy, to practice nudism at home. Join and discuss how you privatized an area of the outdoors outdoorsy home to be nude. Open back yard, close neighbors, city homes, decks in full view of the street..

I'm new to admitting my nudity to complete strangers. Mostly a at home nudist, but would love an opportunity to be out in the open with some like minded people. Send me a message and I would love to chat and meet with some new people some day.

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RE:New nudist

We are on here to meet - male, female, couples - all celebrating being nude. Yeah I have to be careful in an open backyard. Try to get nude and walk around when I can - sometimes the neighbor kids are in the trees watching over - even say hello. What a report. And once a family member came by and I was in the backyard - busted! If able you need to try nude yard mowing - awesome. I just need a private yard to be able to do so. Any volunteers to share some yard mowing and other experiences outside? AustinJohn

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