Stealthy Nudists

This is a group for those who don't have the necessary privacy, to practice nudism at home. Join and discuss how you privatized an area of the outdoors outdoorsy home to be nude. Open back yard, close neighbors, city homes, decks in full view of the street..

Lets Get Naked - Shhhhhh - Austin TX

It would be awesome to have the challenge of a stealth nudist experience. Straight guy willing to help make this happen somewhere in or near my Austin TX home with preferable female or couple. Could even throw in some shaving or other nude...

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I Need to be unwrap

I do love to get myself nude but not until I have a very horny man to unwrap me and make me horny its been couple of years I got such a special treat

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Hello, Still a fresh nudist just starting a while ago Im 19 and trying to get as much time to be nude and thats either when Im home alone with no parents or out in nature. The only time Im comfortable around people is with my friend which is a girl...

New nudist

I'm new to admitting my nudity to complete strangers. Mostly a at home nudist, but would love an opportunity to be out in the open with some like minded people. Send me a message and I would love to chat and meet with some new people some day.

I'm still stealthy but...

About a month ago I discovered a really private spot by a small river. It was out in the country a fair bit and very quiet and secluded. It gave the chance to strip off and wander around naked for quite a while and I even had a quick dip. I could...

An Introduction

Hello all. Married nudist here whose wife doesnt really share the same interest. It also doesnt help that we have a 4 year old daughter in the house. I go nude whenever I have time house to myself, but thats extremely rare now in the days of COVID....

Wide open creativity

We're renting in a new development in the country, with each 1 acre lot wide open (chain link fence). At the moment, there are only two houses so far and our neighbors have a teenage and 21 yr old daughters, so we need to be very careful. On the...

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Try the Backyard with Wrought Iron Fencing

WAs outside walking around and thought what the heck and took some photos to prove it.

Privatizing Your Deck

Hey gang! I have a deck that needed a little more privacy. First I added the privacy lattice. This works well and lets air circulate, but may allow someone to tell you are nude without really making out anything. I also added the screens. They are...

New here and certainly old question of mine

Hello everyone. We are from Israel. In those Covid-19 times, we are locked at home. No possibility to go to the beach. So we are left with the balcony trying to catch some no stripes tan. We are at the 8 the floor with a neighbor at the penthouse...


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