Stealthy Nudists

This is a group for those who don't have the necessary privacy, to practice nudism at home. Join and discuss how you privatized an area of the outdoors outdoorsy home to be nude. Open back yard, close neighbors, city homes, decks in full view of the street..

Great to see others have similar issues to mine!

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Happy to see that I am not alone with the challenges of enjoying nudism. My backyard is large and fenced with many pine trees; however, the houses behind mine are a a bit higher than mine, and the back yards could observe my yard. Our neighborhood covenants restrict fences to not more than 6'. I would love to put in a 10' wall, like some nudists have erected (note the pun!)

My wife is very legalistic in her views of nudity. For her eyes only, per the bible. She is anti because she sees nudism between sexes as having unhealthy urges and lusting, even though nudity does not equal sex.

Anxious to chat with others in the same predicament.

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RE:Great to see others have similar issues to mine!

We have similar issues with the neighbors being able to see onto our back deck. We found a great privacy screen that we installed last weekend. It works! We call it "Carol's Veranda"

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RE:Great to see others have similar issues to mine!

I built an arbor to get around the fence height restriction; there's a picture in my media...

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