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Looking for a hiking buddy

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Hey everyone. I live in Chicago and it's freezing. I'm looking for somewhere warm with good hiking and exploring. U.S. locations would be easiest but I'll consider other places. I prefer "off the beaten path" locations safe for nudist activity. Nudist places are also ok but very few have legit hiking available. I don't really have any nudist friends and hiking alone isn't a great idea. I'm looking for somewhat of a guide who is familiar with an area and is willing to show me around. We can chat plenty up front to be sure we're both comfortable. I'm willing to cover expenses etc. If this isn't a good place to look or if anyone knows of a paid guide type service out there please let me know.

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RE:Looking for a hiking buddy

It's hard to find a combination of wilderness, warm weather and accessibility to an airport for naked hiking. Here's a suggestion in the Tucson Area: Tanque Verde Falls.
Three issues: 1) it's more a nudist area than a hike 2) hiking in the area can be strenuous and challenging 3) cacti are a lot nastier up close than they look on Road Runner cartoons. I've heard of places in NM that are so sparsely populated you can hike naked in the desert without a concern for being seen. However as you recognize being alone in a remote setting also has its high risks so local guides are valuable.
If your main goal is relaxing nudity, I'd recommend a resort or area like Hippie Hollow in Austin, Texas. If it's wilderness, look for options where nudity is optional. I won't say clothing optional because you'll still need textile (and a lot of gear) to survive. One potential "naked nirvana" is the Boundary Waters Canoe Area in northern Minnesota. Mid August has the least bugs and the most warm weather, but I've been there in the summer and had to build fires at lunch to stave off hypothermia in the stormy cold rain.
When it's warm again in Chicago, I'd be happy to organize a naked hike along Waukegan Beach just south of Illinois Beach State Park.

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