Strip Games

We play some games until all naked. Such games like Strip-Darts, Strip-Tennis, Strip-Volleyball, Strip-Quiz, Strip- Poker or Spin the bottle for example. Blank, private and friends only profiles remain outside. If you want to see something, you have to show yourself for this group!

I enjoy strip games and doing them online...

Strip games are fun..getting to nude is the goal of course. Since we can't easily be in person now,using an online service like Skype would work.

Truth or Dare Snap Group?

Any guys looking to do a fun little truth or dare type game on snap chat? Just a fun way to keep us all entertained during this stay at home type setting in 2020. If you are up for a little innocent fun, snap me at @sjiwamiya and say you are into a...

Never done it.

I've never participated in a strip game -- but it sounds like a lot of fun. My difficulty with the concept is that you have to start out wearing clothing. Perhaps if it happened at a bar or the like. Would have to be clothed to go to the bar --...

New rules and requirements

As of today, all members require certification to join this private group. Those who do not yet have certification will be given one week to do so. After that, all members without certification will be deleted and removed. TN has tightened the rules...

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Has anyone been successful in having a strip...

Just wondering if anyone has been successful getting a strip game going in person or online... Let us know the specifics and how enjoyable it was... Or, let us know how to go about it.

Rock, paper, scissors on Skype

Each time you lose, you take something off. First person naked gets the pleasure of showing off their naked body to a non naked skyper!

Online games

Hi, uk here and would like to play on Skype

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Skype Strip Games

Looking for new members for a strip games group on Skype - ideally UK-based guys aged 20-50. Message me for more details.

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Strip blackjack?

Hello anyone want to play a bit of strip blackjack?

First time

Ever heard of a board game called "Sip and Go Naked"? The first time my ex-wife took off all her clothes in front of others happened while playing that game with two other couples. She was very embarrassed the next day but sure had a good...

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