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Chest tattoo - update

I wrote about a month ago w/ some trepidation over a planned chest tattoo. We did it on Friday eve and I'm thrilled w/ the result. It's a combo of my wife's favorite flower and her birthstone, honoring our 20th wedding anny which we...

Finally got my first tattoo

I know, I'm late to the party here, but I finally got my first tattoo about a week ago at the ripe old age of 52. It's on my right calf, and I'm really liking the way it came out, so I'm showing it off. Enjoy!

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by Im60shy 
i have 7 tattoos and looking to have more.

What about you?

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Chest tattoo

I currently have 6 tattoos. I'm scheduled for mid-october to get my 7th. I am doing a chest tattoo in honor of my wife. A combination of her favorite flower and her birthstone in a Chevron shape matching the line of my collar bones. Last week...

I just want 1 tattoo .

How many have told themselves " I'm only getting one tattoo." how did that work out lol . For me not very well. I got 1 . Then it's needs a little more . For me I wont be 1 , it will be 1 Moore. LOL.


I thought my duck tattoo was unique - it is my own design. But recently a man called Donald (the Duckman on Flickr) contacted me to say he'd copied it and asked if I minded. I guess it was a bit late to ask - we both have it for life, and in the...

Butt Tattoo

Hey all,Can anyone refer me to a tattoo artist in Chicago who would tat my butt? Had a guy who was willing but he left city. Some artists just wont go near crotch/butt. Guess I would almost prefer a gay artist.


Regretts..... Ok we have all talked about how many tattoos we have and how many more we are going to get. Where they are on the body and what style we like. But I would like to know what is your most regretted tattoo? Did you get it while you where...

My Tattoo

est-ce que vous aim ???

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