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Nudists with tattoos

any other tattoed nudist?

hi i'm a new nudist I have +30 tattoos would be cool to meet more people, I also haveskype add me here and ask

Tatoos are works of art

Most tattos i have seen are works of art and love the way they appear differntly on different part of the body. When i am coaght staring and appreciating the artwork that is a tatto it puts the person at easy when I compliment them on the artwork....

I said that I would never get a tattoo

When I was a kid only biker and people who were in jail had a tattoo. When I was in grade nine my friend got a tattoo of a nude girl on his are. well at 16 it was a cool tattoo but now would he think that it is still cool? So I said I would never...

Favorite Artist/Shop

My favorite artist and shop is Cole at Coal Ink, on instagram, in Eugene, Oregon. Whos your favorite?

Two at once!

Today was a first. The artist I work with and I sort of have a pile of ideas that were picking at. The one I decided I wanted to do today he knocked out very quickly, maybe in an hour and 40 minutes or so, and then we decided to do another one. So I...

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Tattoo inspiration

Do all of your tattoos have meaning/significance or just aesthetically pleasing? In April I had a tattoo scheduled and a few days before I had a dream that the artist said "all done!" And I sat up to find he had tattooed a bull,...

Love. Show

A friend of mine wants to do a dare with me. He would drive me to one of those clothing donation bins where I would strip naked and put the clothes in the bin. From there he would leave me there for a while, maybe drive me around naked or, if the...

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Ribs - ouch!

Yesterday I learned that rib tattoos do, indeed, suck. Artist tried to talk me out of it but I thought if I could handle sternum I could handle ribs. It wasn't AS bad as sternum, but close. About 2h50m of needle time.

Shin tattoo (gulp)

Getting an eagle across the front of my shin just under my knee. Nervous about 1) my first tattoo not easily covered by summer clothes and 2) PAIN.

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