Testicles As a totally heterosexual guy, I am a great admirer and lover of the female body every nook and cranny [maybe that should read fanny] of it, with maybe if I was pushed breasts being my first choice, though all parts come a very close second. Given that I am heterosexual I would have to say that the male body does nothing for me indeed, including myself, I do not think the male body is...

How do we know if we actually have low hangers?

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I see all of these posts (and for some reason cannot read or find the last part of the original post up at the very top) and some say they do and others say they don't. What size or "hanging length" means you have low hangers? Not sure how to add a pic here, but my profile pics will show mine.

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RE:How do we know if we actually have low hangers?

I always judge by how much you can see from behind. Here's mine on a warm day:

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