Testicles As a totally heterosexual guy, I am a great admirer and lover of the female body every nook and cranny [maybe that should read fanny] of it, with maybe if I was pushed breasts being my first choice, though all parts come a very close second. Given that I am heterosexual I would have to say that the male body does nothing for me indeed, including myself, I do not think the male body is...

This is a very good topic on here. I know the ladies love viewing the testies and sucking on them. My problem is I only have one testy on the outside in my scrotum sack as the other one is inside my belly. The ladies like sucking on my single ball as it is not a mouth full and they can get it all inside their mouth.

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RE:Minus Testy

It could be worse in less than a year and three surgeries latter I lost both and gained the lilac ribbon of testicle tumor and cancer awareness.

Be lucky you have one for them to enjoy and be blessed.
I may have lost both and have to take testosterone now for rest of my life but, I look at it this way everything else still works and thanks to god Im still here. I say that as during the third surgery I stopped breathing and I truly believe he was watching over me and saved me.

You may only have one and I may not have any but the sack is still the same and we are all still beautiful the way we are and the way God made each of us. The ball lets say doesnt make the man.
The way he carries himself in life and love life does.
Be proud hold your head high because one or two makes no difference nor does none.

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