The Innocence Of Nudity In History

The purpose of this group is to create a gallery of photos and art as a throwback to a simpler time when nudity and the human body were accepted in society and appreciated rather than demonized. A place where the innocence of the naked human form was considered as a normal part of society and not shunned or condemned. This is not a group for you to post your personal pictures unless they are...

At what age did the innocence become, not so innocent.

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I love the purpose of this group. I think there is still a pure innocence to nudity no matter what age you are but, it seems that we reached an age and society flipped their opinions and when we reached a certain age, the innocence of nudity no long applied to you, it became sexual.

It's great to be a part of a group where we can hopefully regain some of this innocence of nudity, even if it's just here in this group and it's gallery.

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RE:At what age did the innocence become, not so innocent.

I barely recall a time in my past when nudity was considered innocent. I don't even remember my mother seeing me naked as a youth, perhaps a vague memory of being bathed when I was five or six. I don't think any of my family members where ever comfortable naked around the house or even with my older brothers after that age. I only remember one time seeing my oldest brother post puberty and I chuckled with my other brother about how he looked.
I spoke with my sister yesterday and we had a very brief dialogue about my new lifestyle. I said" don't tell me you've never been naked around the house when you're cleaning before". She gave me an emphatic NO! I actually felt sad for her.
It's taken over five decades for me to realize it's a comfortable way to live, natural and innocent. Not sexually related. I was one of those who got dressed right after the shower, guess that's just how I was raised.
So happy to know that freedom and innocence today as I'm out of my clothes the minute I hit the door and stay that way until I have to leave.
I'm happy to say that even though my wife was the same as I was she's extremely comfortable with me the way I am now. The freedom and comfort of being natural!
What a shame that it's lost its innocence in society, they're missing out on so much!

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RE:At what age did the innocence become, not so innocent.

Lee, your story about your family got me to thinking about seeing my family member naked growing up. My mother grew up on a farm in Louisiana, no running water and no electricity. As kids, we would go there to visit family every other year. We bathed in my great grand mothers back yard in a #10 metal tub with water drawn from the well and heated in the iron pot in the yard with fire wood. It was only a couple of inches of water so we would stand in the tub while bathing. All of us kids and usually a couple of adults were back there while we bathed. The adults were more modest when they bathed but they didnt really hide anything, they usually just covered up a bit as they washed and most people were inside or on the other side of the house.

Back in the city, and as a teen, I can remember a couple of occasions between my mom and me. Although she didnt walk around the house nude, her bathroom was across the hall from her room and sometimes after a bath she would be drying off as she walked into her room..

I was taking a shower in the kids bathroom one day after a hiking trip in the mountains and there was a tick on me near my pubic hairs. I called my mom to remove it and check me for more something we had to do every night after playing outside on the farm.

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RE:At what age did the innocence become, not so innocent.

Unfortunately, nudism was never "innocent" for me. I was introduced to body-shame very early by my Mom, who was herself raised by a strict catholic Mom. It wasn't so much that nudity was sexual for her; it was just shameful and scary. Until much later in life, she would literally go into a panic if someone saw her in any state of undress. She would later express some regret about that fact: she had not intended to pass down her body-shame to me; it was something that was so ingrained in her that she had done so inadvertently. As I grew older, and my perception of nudity being "taboo", I of course sought it in all the "wrong places." So my view of nudity became overly sexualized through my teenage years.

Luckily, one of my best friends in high-school had grown up nudist, and still had an innocent view of nudity. At the time, her carefree attitude about being naked fascinated me. Her casual nudity showed me that nudity could be non-sexual. Which set me on the path to nudism.

When my daughter was born, I knew I didn't want her to grow up with the same "issues" I'd had. Her Mom and I had discussions about the extent to which nudity should be natural in our home; which in time evolved from casual nudity (leaving doors open and not hiding), to a more committed practice (opting to just be naked at home and spend time nude together; and eventually going to nudist resorts). So my daughter got to grow up in a way that was denied to me: experiencing nudity as a natural and innocent way of life. Her attitude about nudity inspired me; and in a way I vicariously experienced innocent nudity through her. Coming full-circle, so to speak.

Innocent nudity "ended" for her at the onset of puberty; as her body started changing. Her mother and I took great care to not instill any body-shame in her; yet that was not enough to ward off her new found self-consciousness. And so she lost her innocence.
But innocence can be regained, just as it was for me. That's the beautiful thing about social nudism.

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RE:At what age did the innocence become, not so innocent.

Having been raised in a similar environment as yours, I felt it would be healthy to raise my children in a more liberating environment.
Unfortunately, my ex didn't feel the same way so it never came to be.
I wish now I had pushed the issue.
40 years later, they all know about my lifestyle but I don't think they are willing to venture in themselves.
I hope some day they will give it a try and experience the freedom as we do.

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RE:At what age did the innocence become, not so innocent.

Our story is similar but lengthy. I'll spare you all the novel! :DD

Both of us grew up in conservative homes. We are the only two nudists in either family, that we know of. Like most parents, we decided to raise our children differently than we were raised and being as we were raised in a more prudish environment and deciding that we preferred living naked, we began raising our girls that way. Their innocence of nudism ended when they both reached the pre teen ages (11 or 12). For them, it was the backlash they received by friends after they shared our life with them. Being called names, being told that they were weird and their life of nudity with their parents was gross and perverted, they soon put on the clothes and left nudism behind them.

As we continued our nudist lifestyle, we never kept it a complete secret. They continued to see us nude at home and occasionally still do to this day. After we'd told them that we'd taken our lifestyle social, they were curious but not interested. 20+ years after their departure from nudism, they returned for a week, with us, at a nude beach resort in the Caribbean. They are nude on occasion at their homes but are not nudists like we are. The foundation we provided at those early ages is still part of who they are but they have restrictions on how and how much they can enjoy nudism on their own.

Had we had the internet and had we not been involved in things in our community that necessitated keeping our nudist lifestyle quiet, we may have ventured into social nudism quicker and with the girls. I often wonder what our lives would be like today had we joined our club as a family and met other nudist families to be friends with. The innocence of nudism left our girls at such a young age but it's great to have been able to introduce our grandkids to nudism, slightly, and have that experience for them and for us to share it as a family. Though not a true nudist environment, nudity here at our home is regarded as a "no big deal" thing and our girls and our grandkids will see us naked on occasion during their visits.

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RE:At what age did the innocence become, not so innocent.

From what I have seen most children have innocence about nudity just as they have innocence about everything else at a very young age. Their parents and society teach them right from wrong and, in the process, remove this innocence. Those that stay as nudists above age 10 often stop as puberty sets in. I don't think this is any loss of innocence - it is more to do with being self conscious about body image.

I was raised in a puritanical household in which nudity was unacceptable, except for bathing with the bathroom door locked. I did get naked when on my own or with some school friends and always considered it to be naughty. So absolutely no innocence. As a young adult I would sneak away and get naked, getting a pleasure which I didn't quite understand. I fell in love with a woman who had a ready-made family. As with most new relationships we got naked together whenever we could. She was indeed sexy. We slept naked and bathed together. Her (now my) children often saw us naked and took it as normal. However none of them were ever nude and they never became nudists. Even then I thought of nudism as being naughty - either it was associated with (marital) sex or I was sneaking away to get naked on my own.

It's only late in life and after my wife had died that I ventured fully into nudity. Only then did I venture into social nudity and tell everyone about my nudism. By then I got to thinking life is short and I may as well enjoy it while I could. Is that regaining my innocence or is it just not caring what others think of me? Either way I just enjoy my nudity. And now I can do it openly.

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RE:At what age did the innocence become, not so innocent.

I can well remember the first time I covered up my privates and why. I was around 4 years old and the family were all getting ready to go out to a function. Present were my 2 older sisters, aged 9 and 11, my brother who was 6, my mother and father and a family friend and her 2 daughters, who were around the same age as my 2 sisters. Our home was very small - only 2 rooms. My siblings and I shared one of the rooms which contained a wardrobe and 2 sets of double bunks. I was standing one of the top bunks starkers, being dressed by my mother when the 2 girls started to giggle and comment on my nakedness and different physical makeup. For the first time in my young life the difference between boys and girls had been brought to my attention - I felt extremely embarrassed, felt myself going bright red and immediately tried to cover-up. I remember my mum telling me to stop being silly and let her dress me but I carried on until the 2 girls were taken out of the room by their mother. I never really gave it a second thought when amongst family.

I was always fascinated by my mother, who would walk around naked in front of us all without a care, because she had physical attributes being breasts and hair that my sisters didn't have. When I was 6 years old, I recall my father saying to my mother that she should start covering up in front of me as I was getting to an "that" age. So I guess the age of innocent nudity left me when I was 6. I was still too young to equate nudity with sex. I understood that men and women differed in their physicality but the sexualising of nakedness didn't happen until I was exposed to 'girly' magazines around age 11.

There was a Saturday school fete I remember around the same time. The following Monday our teacher asked who would like to draw a picture of there favourite thing from the fete, on the blackboard and use coloured chalk. I loved to draw and up went my hand. While the teacher was busy with the class a few of us lucky enough to be picked, were at the blackboard drawing away. I drew our teacher, she wore a white blouse with a figure hugging sky blue skirt. Most kids at this age when drawing figures depict them all flat and shapeless - not me, she had the full hour-glass figure and that's how I drew her - there was a bit of laughter from some of the kids in the class, enough to make Miss Verner look around. Well, she went bright red, grabbed the chalk duster and in a quick swipe took off her boobs. Being the "artist" I objected saying that I got her shape right and that she shouldn't have taken away the things on her chest because all grown up women have them.

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RE:At what age did the innocence become, not so innocent.

Innocence became "not so innocent" when every traditional expression of nudity was eliminated from our United States culture. Same gender nudity was both accepted and encouraged by institutions like the YMCA, and Scouts until the anxiety of creating trauma in children became a theory that won out over other more rational reasons for it.
It took a while, but eventually every social norm that included nudity has been squashed.
Europeans seem to remain much better adjusted in this matter, but some tell me that the "American Influence" is moving into their cultures as well. My first exposure to the German nudist culture was in 1968 and I eventually realized it was less about nudism and more about the fact that children were not assumed to have any sexual conceptualization, so it was acceptable up to a certain age to ignore their personal proclivities.
I always felt that made a great deal of sense and in a naturist home it could be extended to any age.

As mentioned in other responses, there does seem to be a time or age when people begin to assimilate the idea that "Adults dont act like this"

That is the death knell for what you have called innocence. (at least in this culture)

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RE:At what age did the innocence become, not so innocent.

Not sure how but wish nudity could be view like in past when guys swam nude and men and women went skinny dipping. Really nice seeing the old pics that have been posted and seeing that being naked nothing be ashamed of and men left pubed and chest hair instead trying look pre puberty.

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RE:At what age did the innocence become, not so innocent.

I read these posts top to bottom. Thank you for sharing these stories they are great. I grew up in us in a conservative household but have always seen hints to they way life used to be. It was interesting to here mere from all your prospectives.

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