The Innocence Of Nudity In History

The purpose of this group is to create a gallery of photos and art as a throwback to a simpler time when nudity and the human body were accepted in society and appreciated rather than demonized. A place where the innocence of the naked human form was considered as a normal part of society and not shunned or condemned. This is not a group for you to post your personal pictures unless they are...

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I hope all of you who are members of this group "The Innocence Of Nudity In History" or just visit the media have enjoyed the collection. It was a pain staking task!
A friend commented to me today that I hadn't posted any new images in a while. I decided to comment on it in the group.
Searching for all the images was quite a challenge. The key words you have to use during the search, particularly: nude, naked, nudist, skinny dip ....... the list goes on. Then come the images! Maybe one in a hundred is a keeper, sometimes less but I was on a mission.
I'm sure most of you have seen porn from time to time but let me tell you, when you view 50-100K if images with the key words necessary to find what you're looking for, let's just say that it's not for the faint of heart.
I'm no prude but when 50% of the images you have to sift through are hard core porn just to find what you're looking for, well it's troubling.
Some are what you typically would expect......but then there is the really dark stuff that's just part of the mix that surfaces during your search.
The stuff that is hardest to stomach are the faces of some that show hurt or even terror. Just thinking that some are forced to do what they're doing is bad enough but you can't help but wonder if they are part of the human trafficking trade and no more than someone's slave. It's demoralizing to see some of those images.
Then there are the occasional images of younger participants that pop up in the mix. many of which I'm sure are under 18 and I can't imagine for a moment that it was their career choice. You want to reach through the screen and rescue them and to get a hold of the ones that put them there. I'd comment on how I would deal with them but my post would probably get blocked, You reflect on, "That's someone's son or daughter" and your heart sinks. The evident abuse is so mind numbing and horrific!
So, while there was some fun in putting the collection together, the harder you dig the worse the results get to find one good classic image.
The horrible crap I had to subject myself to, in order to find something "innocent" became too much and I had to stop.
That's the back story. Enjoy the innocence. It came at a price.

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RE:The rest of the story

I would like to say thank you for all the effort you put in building the wonderful catalog of photos. Having done those searches myself, I understand the difficulty in finding the "good" ones among all the trash. I have to say though when I look through the photos here and the few good ones I have found in searches, they make it all worth it. It warms my heart seeing honest and true people simply enjoying being nude. Not in any sexual or judgmental way, just people enjoying life and friendship as nature intended.

Keep up the good work Lee and to all the other members, feel free to add your own contributions. I have uploaded a few and will add more as time goes by.

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RE:The rest of the story

Thank you Lee!

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RE:The rest of the story

I agree with Texas thank you for your effort & diligence.

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