The Innocence Of Nudity In History

The purpose of this group is to create a gallery of photos and art as a throwback to a simpler time when nudity and the human body were accepted in society and appreciated rather than demonized. A place where the innocence of the naked human form was considered as a normal part of society and not shunned or condemned. This is not a group for you to post your personal pictures unless they are...

Diane Webber: "This Is My Body"...

She was truly a nudist advocate.

Duplicate Pics

So......, with over 500 media downloads, I'm having a bit of trouble remembering them all!!! Go figure! If any of you out there notice a dupe, you'll have to let me know. I think I'm experiencing just a slight case of "naked visual...

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Which images are your favorites?

I have been adding many more images to the Media Gallery in the group "The Innocence of Nudity in History". It has been a grueling task searching the internet UNFILTERED, to find wholesome vintage media to add to the gallery. I think...

Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas all.

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by emazing 
Old Photos

I have some old photos s friend of mine gave me s long time ago all black and white and would share them if I can figure out how. Have a great weekend!


Hello here, am raising this topic cause am not from the united state, I love the nudist idea. I want friends to hook me up if am welcome

Old Masters

The nude has featured in art over centuries, both in statues and paintings. They date from ancient Greece and Rome/Florence. Kings and noblemen commissioned nude works of art to adorn their homes and named them after mythical gods/goddesses even...


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