The Naked Personal Trainer

Hey, I'm Col, a Naturist Personal Trainer! (123NkdFit on True Nudists). I've set up this group to answer fitness questions and provide some motivation for you guys to get fitter and healthier, naked!Feel free to ask questions.If you're interested in naked personal training, Pilates or my Sexual Energy programme, check out my website

Keeping fit when youre older?

Hi, have just turned 59 and still in ok condition but dont exercise except for walking the dog and my body is looking out of shape and its age. How can I start? I havent trained in 20 years or so. Paul

Naked Squats and Deadlifts

Hi there Ive always wanted to train heavy squats and deadlifts nude but never got the opportunity yet as I think it would help alot with the feeling of movement Does anyone on here do them ? do they notice any benefit?

Three Signs That You're Eating Too Little...

It's easy isn't it? You eat less to lose weight, right? Well, not always. A lot of people eat too many calories, so they gain weight, but unfortunately, eating too few calories isn't always the right choice if you're wanting to lose...

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Protein Supplements: Vital for Muscle Growth...

I get asked all the time whether protein supplements are worth buying? 90% of the time, the answer is no. But some people may benefit. Here's the lowdown. You need protein to rebuild damaged muscle tissue and to ensure good muscular function....

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Home gym set up

Hey guys. I should be closing escrow in a week or two on a house with some more garage space. I'd let to have a home gym set up as I lift weights frequently and heavy. Work outs would be nude of course. Only catch, I've been told both cars...

The Sexual Energy Programme

Hey guys!I've had a few messages asking what my 'Sexual Energy Programme' is about.It's an extensive, and progressive programme of exercise and therapy aimed at increasing male fitness (especially male personal fitness) that involves...

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Belly Fat! (and how to get rid of it)

Hey!I get a lot of message from guys asking how to get rid of their belly fat.You want a six-pack, yeah..? You see these commercials on TV showing ripped hunks doing 1000's of sit-ups on those (terrible) shopping channel contraptions that end up...

Sexual Energy Program for wellness

Hey, so I am curious to know more about the sexual energy programme. What kind of exercises do you encourage to lend support to this aspect of personal wellness?

Recovery Advice

I'm considering starting a fitness program to help rehabilitate from nerve damages from a bad double hernia surgery. I still have decent muscle memory for being an ectomorph who used to be in several different types of sports in my youth. At 47,...

Latest PostGreat advice.
by cardiff3132 

New group cool...Need a nude gym in LA... I have cut the beer out and easily dropped a few lbs mid section. Everyone has different ideas to tone the abs. age 50 so I don't expect 6pack abs. 4 pack or 2 pack would be nice. don't have much time...

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