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Hello from Wisconsin!

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Hi, I'm Ken, longtime nudist/naturist from Wisconsin. Thanks for the add!

At 67-years young, I've been a nudist / naturist more than half my life. Having recently retired from the teaching profession, I'm now more free to indulge my passion for nudity in all it's forms. Looking to connect online or in real time with open-minded guys (and gals) who know and appreciate the joys and beauties of the naturist lifestyle.

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RE:Hello from Wisconsin!

Recently retired from teaching myself. Although I visited unofficial nude beaches while teaching, next summer I won't be worrying about the chance of bumping into the wrong person and potentially losing my job.

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RE:Hello from Wisconsin!

Been there done that! A few summers ago, I was visiting a local nudist club. As I'm walking down the hiking path I head a familiar voice exclaim, "Hey, look! It's Mr. B! It's Mr. B, my speech teacher!"

Sure enough, coming up the path wearing only a pair of white flipflops and accompanied by her parents and a younger brother was my 15 year old student, Theresa!

I died a thousand deaths pondering the consequences that might result if word of our naked meeting were ever leaked to the administration -- or to other students, but to my knowledge, all concerned kept their silence. There were, however, some knowing glances exchanged between us in class and at parent-teacher conferences.

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RE:Hello from Wisconsin!

You were at least at a nudist facility and all participating. The closest I have come is returning from a nude day at the beach and looking at facebook to see beach pics from a coworker. I go to the very tip of Cape Cod. I was on the ocean side. I'd guess 300 yards away on the harbor side was the coworker and his family. They had kayaked across. I walked down the beach.

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