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I miss beautiful women.

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When I was younger and hung around with nudists there were a few women. I enjoyed talking to them and gaming with them nude. there is almost nothing more natural and special than a non sexual commonly shared moment with an nude woman. I miss that in the nudist today. I simply don't see that many women. I can understand how they may feel in today's still judgmental world when a naked woman is seen, "there's a slut, there's a whore, she's just looking for some action" and so on. And I know there are men who would look at her and say," there's a piece' or "I'm taking that with me tonight", or something something like that. It all stems from hormones, stereotypes and misconceptions of what nudity really is. A naked woman is a beautiful person and I wish I knew more of them.

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RE:I miss beautiful women.

I just read your postI appreciate your outlook and understanding about women being somewhat reserved about being with nude men. Men DO have the tendency to behave sexually even conversing on this site . I WOULD LOVE to hang out with male nudists without feeling as if I could be pounced on should I move my legs a certain way and my vagina is clearly visible. Hopefully, nudism will become more of a norm and we can BOTH enjoy seeing the opposite sex WITHOUT sex

I agree with everything you have said, some men just see women as a sex object and not for how wonderful they are, i certainly hope nudism does become the norm life would be much simpler and more enjoyable

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