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Im new to everything on this site

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I am new to this. Site! I am a 61 y/o man from the Phoenix Az area! I have a lot of experience as a nudist when I lived in SoCal, I moved to Arizona in 2015. I was a regular at More Mesa nude beach just North of Santa Barbara, a great beach with great people! I Look forward to getting to know all you fine people on this site! This is the 1st group that caught my eye and the 1st one I joined. I do find a mature woman that has the confidence to allow herself to naturally and gracefully age, and not fight the process, with obsessing over their grey hair and coloring it, wears very little or no make-up and is at perfect peace with the beauty our dear Lord gave her to be incredibly sexy! I have been out of the dating game for 40+ years so have patients with me as the rules have changed so much in those 40 years! I dont know if asking and getting a womens personal email address or her number to be able to text her is getting to 1st or 2nd base! As we are nudists that further complicates it, as seeing your love intrest naked was defintiy 2nd base rouning to third!

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