Travelling South Africa Nude Vacati

I have been a guide since 1998 and have done extensive travels through South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimababwe & Zambia. I now have a data base of various accomodation types and sizes. I can customise a package tour for Nudists wanting to be able to be nude throught our spectacular country. Depending on the size of the group, we would go to various places and take all the accomodation so to be...

South African Naturists Adventure

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Hi all keen to try and get in touch with as many young South Africa naturists between 18 - 40 that would be keen to chat, join in future events and help potential plan and grow an idea I have to have a Naked Club event schedule for both South Africa and international visitors in the future!! We have the potential to have epic adventures in this country!!

Please drop me a message!! Very very keen to try and get as many of you on board as possible!!!

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RE:South African Naturists Adventure

Hi I don't know how many responses you got from your request but I would love to help organise something and even join in the fun. Unfortunately I am older than the age
limit you specified

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RE:South African Naturists Adventure

Hi Steve,

At this point there has not been a huge amount of interest. But if you keen even expanding the age range think will be cool just to get the odd event/adventure happening and then go from there!!

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