True Naked Nudists

Must be certified. Absolutely "NO" Absolutely "NO" Private, Or "This user only allows picture/video access to friends," Blank or Empty profiles. Must have at least 2 full frontal nude photos w/ face . Must have profile pic. For true nudists who want to meet or share with other true nudists!

Shaving Party

Just an idea I have broached before - nudists get together to share shaving. Either just all doing their own or eachother as they choose. Think it could be fun and kind of a team building activity for those of us nudists that love to shave. Let me...

Members Removed (worth the read)

In going through the group, I have found several members, who after being approved changed their profiles. They have deleted all their photos, changed their profile to "for friends only" or changed their profile to private. They all have...

Hypothetical guestion

If a nudist resort or a nudist publication were to tell you that they would like to make a billboard advertisement along a highway or interstate and that they need two nudist couples in the nude to be on that advertisement would you be willing to do...

New to Group

Thank you for accepting me to the group

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The is me.

This is me as I am. Make up your own minds.

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Looking for naked nudist friends

I've always liked being naked, totally naked, because of the sense of freedom and sincerity it gives me. Sharing my nudity with others is the best way to be fully myself without any shame. I would be happy to have nudist friends for a free...

From This Day Forward

Only certified members with the rest of the requirements will be approved. Tired of approving members, only to have them change their profile after approval.

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Making friends

We recently became friends again here on TN with a couple we had known 6 years ago from our state of Indiana. They had moved to Florida and reside in a city close to another couple who are TN friends of ours that live within a short driving distance...

Hello from Italy

Best wishes to all from Italy. I am Andrea and I am happy to be part of the group. I am always happy to be naked and to share my total nakedness with other people (no clothes, no shame). This is not because of sexual provocation but because of the...

What's your opinion?

What's your opinion on the requirements to join this group? Do you think they are to strict? Not strict enough? Just about right? Would you add anything? Most members of the group feel it helps to keep the group for actual true nudists, as much...