True Nudist Addicts.

It's generally recognised, that to overcome any addiction, you must first admit, that you are in fact addicted. So with that in mind, I have created this group for "TN Addicts" to come out of the closet and openly admit that they need help :) It is intended, not for those addicted to naturism, for we are all pretty much guilty of that, (and in most cases, that is not a problem) but...

HI EVERY ONE! ..........

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My name is Phil, and I just wanted to say,

that I think this is a FANTASTIC site.

I'm SO pleased to be here with all you LOVELY people!

I filled out my profile, just like everyone says to,

so I hope you all like it!


ps. ..... If you did NOT come here via this thread,
go take a look to see the joke :)

pps. ........

Whilst you're hear, ...

Please take a moment to visit our Spons ....... Oooops! ... I - I - I mean, ...the,

TN Philfreeeeeeeeeee appreciation society thread! :)

No one's looked at it for months

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