Uncircumcised Men

There is a group out there for circumcised men, so I though there should be one for uncircumcised men also.

Happy to be uncircumcised

Love the fact I'm uncircumcised, in fact best of both worlds when the foreskin is fully retracted. Mine has always gone fully back easily however as I've got older it is tighter in retraction...perhaps my penis is growing in thickness...I...

Weymouth UK nudist

I love uncut cocks. Ive only done it recently but to feel and play with an uncut cock was amazing it was wonderful too pull back the skin and suck it. Im cut but love foreskins

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New here but not to nudism

Hello guys and girls, just joined this group and thought I show you mine - always happy to chat.


yes im 75 uncut ive always keeped my clean never had a problem with mine and it has a lot of skin

I'm from the Kent UK

Hi Dan a 67yr old uncut I have no problem being uncut I do do like the feel of it

Aussie Men 40+

I grew up not liking my dick as not many other guys my age were uncut. I'm starting to like it now as I see the younger guys get around with natural cocks. I'm happy that I'm uncircumcised.


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