Underwear Addicted

for those people who love to wear smallest and sexiest underwears. there should be minimum coverage and maximum exposure.

Brightly coloured thongs

Up until recently all my thongs and G-strings were back or white (mostly black) so for a change I have bought some brightly coloured ones. I think they look great, and am determined to wear them to the beach this summer!


Panties, pants, underpants, undies, briefs, knickers: call them what you will. Knickers come in all shapes and amounts of coverage of the bum from G-strings (practically no coverage), through thongs which usually cover the crevice but not the...


Just love wearing those see the material ride up my arse in the mirror so erotic!

addicted to thong

i love thongs. i enjoy my penis is covered with very small portion of cloth and my full ass is exposed.


I love wearing panties, my wife buys them for me and insist I wear them. She gets the smallest and most sexy ones she knows that will fit me. Some I can only just get my cock inside them. Wife never wears them, so only mine get put on the washing...

I LOVE undies with cool graphics on them,...

Here is one of my latest pairs of briefs - Yummo from Aussiebum Here is my newest pair - Rubber Ducks from Aussiebum...

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by An2020 
Unisex knickers for arousal and support

Hi I'm Barry I have often thought that I would like to wear women's plain white maxi briefs. They look so exciting, caressing their cheeks. Being more stretchy than most men's underwear, they would allow peeing over the top and sitting...

Underware addict

Yes have many jock straps and thongs like wearing in front of people in nudist life style or a nude beach If a friend comes over in life style I'll wear a pair

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Underwear as swimwear

I very rarely wear underwear, preferring to be commando (Less clothing to remove when getting naked). However, I have from time to time worn underwear as swimwear, in the pool or the beach, or just "hanging out" on the porch. I do not have...