Underwear Addicted

for those people who love to wear smallest and sexiest underwears. there should be minimum coverage and maximum exposure.

Commando vs Underwear vs...

I generally prefer going naked or commando. But sometimes that is just not an option. As a yoga teacher, I spend a lot of time in yoga pants and shorts that show a bit too much if there is not something under the shorts. These provide the perfect in...

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Wife doesnt get it

I own a lot of nude. Many different cuts and styles. I love underwear. If I cant be nude I need to feel good in my underwear. My wife doesnt get it.

addicted to thong

i love thongs. i enjoy my penis is covered with very small portion of cloth and my full ass is exposed.

Underwear vs Commando

Morning/afternoon/evening everyone. As a nudist do you prefer going commando or wearing underwear? For, me I have been going commando nearly all the time from age 12, even changing for gym class in middle and high school, but would wear a jock strap...

Underwear as swimwear

I very rarely wear underwear, preferring to be commando (Less clothing to remove when getting naked). However, I have from time to time worn underwear as swimwear, in the pool or the beach, or just "hanging out" on the porch. I do not have...

Sniffing used underwears

Do you like sniffing used underwear's, tell your experiences.

Best Underwear Ever!

These are my favorite "underwear" though they are more like wearing nothing at all. In some ways, they are better than fully nude. They are fishnet, 100% organic cotton, handmade and so comfy! More info here.

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Jock straps thongs

Yes if somtimes when home i have jo straps and thongs to were there very sexy i think

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Take pic and post

I am a collector as well....id be intersted in looming and purchasing some.....let me know

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