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Melbourne Australia

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Hey all!
My partner and I have just moved to Melbourne Australia from a more suburban/rural setting and wondering how we can best utilise our nude adventure in a city setting.
So i have a few questions...
Firstly, are you in Melbourne? Or even Australia?
Do you know the government guidelines around public nudity?
Can you suggest some nude clubs/events in the city that we can check out?
So excited to be back in the city but want to continue living our authentic selves to the best of our ability.

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RE:Melbourne Australia

Hey there, hopefully you guys get through another week of lockdowns.
Id love to head back to Melbourne, sooner rather than later

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RE:Melbourne Australia

Im no longer in Melbourne but met great many nudist friends there. There are legal nude beaches, and there was a gay bar that hosted nude nights every week. Since Covid, not sure what they are doing. There was nude camping too and someone was even trying a nude restaurant. Dont know if that came to fruition either.

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