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This is a place to discuss being a nudist in city settings. No matter whether you live in a downtown apartment in centre town, a condo overlooking a family park or a house on a busy street, there's always challenges in being an urban nudist.

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Neither Oregon nor Vermont have a state-wide anti-nudity law. There are other states without such laws. However, what sets Oregon and Vermont apart from the others is that in those two states, nudity is fairly socially acceptable -- very unlikely that anyone would even think about reporting you for being nude. Both of those states have a few cities that has specifically enacted anti-nudity laws, but the rest is still open to nudity. However, even in areas where it is not illegal to be nude, it is illegal to disrobe in public.

There are specific counties within Florida that allow open nudity as long as you are on your own property. If you live in one of those places, you can wash your car, sunbathe, mow the lawn, tend your flower garden, etc., in the nude right out in the open in plain view of the street and your neighbors without fear of running afoul of the law.

Kansas does not have a state-wide anti-nudity law and it's not illegal to be seen nude even in Kansas City. However, it is not at all socially acceptable and there is a very high likelihood that someone will call the cops if they see you nude.

In Arkansas, you can run afoul of the law by being nude in your own home. If, for example, you happen to be walking through your house nude and unbeknownst to you an opposite sex neighbor happens to be over and sees you, then you could be prosecuted under Arkansas's anti-nudity laws.

Also, if you have friends (both men and women) over who are all consenting adults and it is discovered that you were nude together, you could all face prosecution under Arkansas's anti-nudity laws. And this is true even if your house is situated in the middle of your thousand-acre ranch and you have a twelve-foot-high privacy fence surrounding your property.

From one extreme to the other. Wherever it is you plan to be nude (urban, suburban, or rural), be certain you know and understand the laws that govern that location.

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