Urban Nudists

This is a place to discuss being a nudist in city settings. No matter whether you live in a downtown apartment in centre town, a condo overlooking a family park or a house on a busy street, there's always challenges in being an urban nudist.

Being in a big city is great in many ways, but one of the biggest pros is that it's easier to connect with other people with your interests, like nudism. There are hundreds of nudists in my area and it's very easy to plan events and meet up.

There are also many cons. The population density makes it difficult to be naked outside, even on our own balcony or in your back yard. There are also few places within easy access to go hiking or tanning outdoors.

I'd be curious to hear how people have managed to make urban spaces more comfortable for all the nudists who live there.

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RE:Pros and Cons

I look for nudist communities in my area. Then I will attend events, as well as host them in my home.

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