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Utah nudists of all persuasions. Let's keep it fun and friendly - we need to band together! Heheh.

Utah Male Naturists NEWBIE party Saturday

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We are hosting a special party on the deck for people who have never been to our group before.

We are calling it the June Naked Virgin and Barebeqocktail Party


Address: Garden of EDUN, 244 W Reed Ave, Salt Lake City UT (750 North)

11am - noon - FIRST TIMERS ONLY (plus a few hosts)
Come, strip down OR leave underwear or a swimsuit or sarong on. Get to know your fellow newbies (nudebies?) and me, the host, and a few other UMeN leaders.

Noon - 3pm - Let the nakedness begin. But if you are more comfortable staying partially dressed, go ahead. We don't have rules that you must be naked.

(Bring your own meat,
Bring your own bottle, and
Bring your own towel)

Bring a side to share.

Contact me here for more info.

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