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Utah nudists of all persuasions. Let's keep it fun and friendly - we need to band together! Heheh.

What do you do on naked campouts?

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At the Utah Male Naturists campouts, we have:

  • Sat around the campfire and sung
  • Made smores
  • Played horseshoes and other similar games
  • Gone on a "Cock in a frock on a rock" hike
  • Sat around, bs'ing and drinking wine/beer/cocktails
  • Cooked a meal for everyone
  • Flown kites (including one that was a blow-up doll)
  • Chased after a tent that was blown away in the wind
  • Gone Jeeping
  • Skinny-dipped
  • Played board games
  • Spruced up the campsite
  • Read
  • Suntanned
  • Competed in a "Nude Olympics"
  • Played Frisbee
  • Hiked
  • Cooked in Dutch ovens
  • Done Yoga
  • Told scary stories
  • Knitted/crocheted
  • Taken photos
  • Watched the sunset
  • Taken naps
  • Played guitar
  • Done a drum circle
  • Painted/sketched
  • Made coffee
  • Figured out constellations with Google Sky
  • Sang along with a naked accordionist
  • Made Jiffy Pop over the fire
  • and probably more I can't remember

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