Vintage/Retro Pics

Pictures of days gone by and times, from the early 20th century to the 1990's, when it was taboo and you had to develop the pictures yourself. ***NO PRIVATE PROFILES WILL BE APPROVED***Also if you have blocked the moderator don't be an idiot and keep trying to join! It's never gonna happen!***

Flintshire/Holywell post op woman

Hey everyone, I would dearly love to have some vintage pics taken, with todays digital cameras and post processing this is entirely possible for the connoisseur, if there are any out there? in North Wales? I would be happy to pose, Ok I am not a...

Pubic Hair Was Common Place

I love retro nude pics, they form some of my earliest memories of naked women. All had a wonderful full untrimmed bush and often wore white see through or plain cotton panties, which added to the sensual visual affect of the viewer.

No question

Ok, I'll admit it--- my favorite part of the Vintage/Retro group is all of those magnificent full bushes, just the way GOD created and nature intended !! (^_^)

nudist magazines

years ago i was in a antique store and discovered a few nudist magazines from the 40's - 50's it is so cool how nudism really wasn't as secret of a society as many believe they were back in the day and yes here in the usa nudist...

Date and maybe time

As is useful, but often overlooked or forgotten, is the date when the photo was taken. If at all possible it would be very useful to have added the date when the photos were taken. Even today, the date and any pertinent info is quite often not...

Vintage nude pics

On vintage pictures you can easily see the century based on the clothing but on nude pictures it is much more difficult. The nude girl could be your daughter or your grandmother.

Skipping Through Media Pages.

As I write this, there are over 7600 pictures posted in this Group's Media section. It is nearly impossible to view all of these photos in one session. When I stop, I must go through many of the previous photos to reach the point where I last...


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