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Pictures of days gone by and times, from the early 20th century to the 1990's, when it was taboo and you had to develop the pictures yourself. ***NO PRIVATE PROFILES WILL BE APPROVED***Also if you have blocked the moderator don't be an idiot and keep trying to join! It's never gonna happen!***

Flintshire/Holywell post op woman

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Hey everyone, I would dearly love to have some vintage pics taken, with todays digital cameras and post processing this is entirely possible for the connoisseur, if there are any out there? in North Wales? I would be happy to pose, Ok I am not a page three stunner, more likely to stun you if I fell on you lol. I recently moved to the area and apart from neighbors I am looking to meet new friends and other photographers
feel free to read my profile, I used to do a lot of photography, maybe I will start again who knows, happy both sides of the lens. I'm eager to explore.

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RE:Flintshire/Holywell post op woman

I wish I was near Flintshire. However I am merely in central Kentucky, but I would love to make a painting of you.

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RE:Flintshire/Holywell post op woman

So Raven, did you fulfil your wish and find a shutterbug to capture you?

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