Vintage/Retro Pics

Pictures of days gone by and times, from the early 20th century to the 1990's, when it was taboo and you had to develop the pictures yourself. ***NO PRIVATE PROFILES WILL BE APPROVED***Also if you have blocked the moderator don't be an idiot and keep trying to join! It's never gonna happen!***


We almost have as many pics as we do members in this group. I would love to see 900 members. If you know of anyone who would like what we are seeing then please invite them. The more the better! Also post as many retro pics as you come across.

Posting Pics

Please police yourself when posting pics to this group. Any pic that doesn't fall within the guidelines of the group will not be approved. Make sure that everyone in all pics are clearly of those 18+ years old. Any that are questionable will be...

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First Time

Around five years old I found my fathers stash of two nudist magazines hidden under a metal file drawer on a high up shelf in an upstairs linen closet. (At the time I was so clueless I didnt know if they were my moms or my dads.) Flipped through...

developing pictures

i remember in the eighty's taking a roll of film to be developed it contained naturist pictures of myself and my then wife. when i went back a week later to pick them up they had developed two sets instead of one except the ones with my wife in...

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Vintage Nudist

I've been a nudist for so long that if someone posted my early pics, they would fit right into this group. LOL

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I have nearly 3000 vintage post card pictures on my laptop which I use as a screensaver. They're not of porn type but just in various poses.


Thank you to the contributors of these classic photos, I am really enjoying them.

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Thanks for accepting me

Just wanted to say thanks for letting me join the group. I love seeing vintage naughtiness, both photos and films. Theres something so fascinating about it, and its great to see how things and attitudes have changed over the years. I look forward to...

What a fun group

What a fun idea for a group. I had to join when I saw Jaybirds join.


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