Visitors To Blind Creek Beach, Flor

SAnyone who has been to Blind Creek Beach

Great day at BCB today!

Drove through rain for an hour, wondering if it would ever quit, and as I pulled onto Hutchinson Island the sun starts to peek out and by the time I park at BCB the rain is gone and the sun and a gentle breeze were with us the rest of the day!

First trip.

My wife and I are planning our first trip to Blind Creek. We've been to Playalinda, but we are looking to try someplace different. Any words of advice on Blind Creek, Port Saint Lucie, or Bunche Beach Preserve? We would be there in late October....

This week Sept 15-19

Will anyone be there this week?

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PortaPots at Blind Creek

We used to go to(lol, and at) Blind Creek, however the last couple of times, the PortaPots had been removed. Can anyone tell us if they're back?

Visitors to Blind Creek- social groups?

Anyone aware if there are social meetups for visitors to the beach?

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Going to the beach Thusday 7/30

Hello! I will be spending the day on the beach. Let me know if you will be there. Say hello if so.

Is Blind Creek Open

Does anyone know if Blind Creek Beach is currently open?

Latest PostIt is open!
by Cudafan 
Thursday 7/2- Blind Creek

I will be at the beach early tomorrow. Anyone else planning on going?

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Sunday June 28

Ill be there by 9am tomorrow, hopefully a bit sooner if I can get out the door quickly!

It's official...... finally

ST. LUCIE COUNTY Blind Creek Beach is officially the countys first clothing-optional beach. In a 4-1 vote Tuesday, the County Commission officially designated 36 acres of beach within the 408-acre park clothing optional.


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