We Are Nudists

for real nudists, who are proud of their choice, We are members of Forty acre club in Missouri, come see us

Baseball season or / TANNING season

Its getting closer and we cant wait. How much time do you spend tanning? We love the smell of the various lotions and oils, love laying on rafts in our pool and at the resort Are we addicted, of course we are The fond memories of the time spent...

Nude Superbowl Party

We are having one, are you? We just needed a excuse to get naked and party, don't really care who wins, actually probably enjoy commercials more than anything, D

Happy New Year to all

May you be blessed with the best year yet, We wish to express our pleasure in you being with us in this group, Thank you all so much May God watch over you and your families T&D

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year to all members.

Latest Post
Will you still be nude??

As the colder weather (and snow for some of us) approaches, what are your plans to be able to be nude over the winter months?

Fun Question.

I'll be 67 on Dec 7th- 2017 I've been a member on TN for 3 years and am a lifetime member. How about you??


I became confident being nude after I joined TN 3 years ago. I had had heart surgery and a year later, cancer surgery, I was embarrassed with the scars that they left. It took some courage to post my first nude photo, along with an apology for the...

when you meet a couple do you check them both...

When you see a couple do you automatically check them both out? Friends or not, do you find yourself seeing if they have changed anything? do you notice if they are still natural or shaved?

Your first time

When was your first time you realized you actually wanted to live the nudist life style? I believe mine was about 30 years ago. I've always loved being nude, but I feel I actually became a nudist then.

our children know we are nudists

Our children know we are nudists, they have walked in on us relaxing, should we go ahead and get dressed or just continue walking around in front of them nude? They are all adults and dont live at home anymore. None of them have tried nudism and they...

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