What I Love About TN!

This is a group for you to share with others and new members what you love about TN and why. What has it meant to you!As we all enjoy this lifestyle, the openness and diversity of the site has opened doors and knocked down walls to so many different types of subject matter considered taboo to most of society.Share what rewards you get from this site with the rest of us and give the new-comers a...

So! TN isn't perfect!

I've been on this site for over a year now. So far, I'd have to say I'd rate it fairly high. There has been a ton of negative stuff I've read, members slamming the owners, the mods and the TTs! Some of it is good ol' constructive...

Great place to be.

Ive made some nudist friends here, if it wasnt for this site, I wouldnt of known many nudists. Ive yet to meet more people during the year and try out a few sun clubs here in Kent.

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What I Love About TN

I really love this website. I have met so many wonderful people here and have had had some great conversations. I became a nudist late in life and my associations here have not only helped me understand this way of life better, but that this new...

Thanks for letting me be part of your group

What I like about TN, are the nice people on here that I have talked to. I felt very welcomed my first day on here. I like that I can be me and not ashamed of who I am. TN is great for not being judgmental and not afraid of getting to know you as a...

Pat and Tammy

GM and Thank you for allowing us to join.. We like to start off with saying that some of you might have seen us in other groups and we have came and gone.. This is do to TN was having glitches and we deleted our content etc.. But thats seem to over...

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by padraig 
TN changed my life

I was teetering on the edge of nudism when I discovered TN. I'd been a hopeful nudist all my life but didn't know anything about nudism. Then I joined TN ! My family thought it was just to look at the nude women. But it was much deeper than...

My First Post to This Group

I enjoy TN for many reasons. The blogs can be entertaining, they are not political in nature so they do not aggravate me. I like using SEARCH. Set a few filters and you see all kinds of nudist with all kinds of stories. Reading other nudist stories...

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What I Like About TN

I have been a long time nudist/naturist as well as a member at a local naturist club and here at TN. TN has allowed me the pleasure of connecting with other nudists, having many as friends for years, and meeting a few here and at my club. We all...

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Thanks for acepting us!!!

Here in TN we have found great friends, especially those of greater age who have the most beautiful stories and are usually the most sincere.