Wickr Me Nudists

Now that Kik is being shut down and other messaging apps have disappeared (yahoo messenger anyone?) Lets all meet on Wickr Me



Wickr Chat

Atxrisen1 - lets connect

sup add me too if you want


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Persian guy in Wickr

If you want to talk in wickr @magmag92

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I have read through the posts on here and added various people to my wickr - people who seem interesting and genuine. I then find I either never get any form of reply at all or maybe a hello to which any response from me gets completely ignored. Am...

New to Wickr :)

Heyy I just joined up, I'm a young single mother and was wondering if any families would like to chat

Back on wickr

Have a full profile here so you know what youre getting before you open the tin sort of speak. Happy to chat to others about the wonders and delights of nudity. On wickr of course. Feel free to add me. Always great to connect with other likeminded...

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Nice wickr chats.

Would be happy to chat with like-minded people there. Wickr is ravtor

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Wickr chats

Am new on Wickr we love to chat and are openminded nudists. Bedfordshire44 is my username lets chat

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by SebastianDlasCasas 
Hi Wickr looks good to me

Hi Im Gavin1973 on there

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