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This group is for people who enjoy Woodlot Nudist Retreat in Woodstock.

less than 5%

I do not believe it!!! I just noticed that over 200 views of a question about WOODLOT and attending and there was not even 10 replies? NOT EVEN 5%.......that is terrible, folks. P A R T I C I P A T E

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NUDE BOWLING.....in Rockford?????

Check out my forum comments. I want to see if I can get nude bowling started in Rockford. I have heard of it in the Chicago area and North of Milwaukee but winter time driving and the miles and costs might keep wendy & I from these two place....

Let's hear your ideas

Lets hear your ideas on ways to make Woodlot more popular. We need to get people to start using it and enjoying it. For those who have been there know what it's like to be to only couple out there on a beautiful day. No idea will be ignored.....