Workout Naked

This group is for anyone that likes to work out naked. If you like lifting weights, running, going to the gym, swimming, or any other way of keeping fit, and like me you prefer to do it naked, feel free to join this group.

First nude workout in a gym

Went to Club Ft. Lauderdale to workout and swim three times while I was there. Well equipped gym and great pool area. There were very few people there the mornings I was and almost no one in the gym. Most of the few that were in the gym were wearing...

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Work out Buddy - Michigan

Temps are climbing so the naked workouts are starting again! Anyone else in Michigan who wants a naked workout partner?

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Columbus, Ohio

Are there any guys in Columbus, Ohio who would be interested in exercising together? I am 49 and trying to get in a little better shape. Would like the motivation of having a workout partner. I do not have a home gym, but if you do, that would be...

Back to Normal

Took grandson home today. Back to exercising and eating breakfast nude.

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Phoenix - anybody have a naked home gym?

Anyone in Phoenix with a home gym that they can be naked in and have a bud over?

Looking for naked gymbros

Hey all! Luke here, straight nudist guy from Brazil, looking for nudist bros to naked workout talk/sessions! Feel free to add me on other social media so we can keep in touch: (skype) / apolloisnude (snapchat) / duart_dl...

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I workout nude daily and find it to be very motivational. Even if I'm not thrilled what's in mirror in front of me I truly feel like I'm making a difference in myself. Any other nude lifters out there?

Tonal Smart Gym

Does anyone else in here have a Tonal home gym? I've had mine for maybe a year now, and it's pretty amazing. I'm working out naked, of course. And I've recently enlisted a neighbor who works out naked with me. We meet 2 times a week,...

Steamworks Toronto 7/13

I will be at Steamworks Toronto working out nude Wednesday night 7/13. I would love to have someone, or everyone take pics and video of me working out nude


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