Young And Old Nudists,

hi this is a group, for young and old nudists, who would like friendship through this group.

Looking for Father/uncle/grandpa figure in anaheim

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Hey, new to the scene, still not naked outside of my room, much.
Would love to meet an older man who might need a hand with naked projects around the house, or on the car, or who doesn't mind teaching me how to do something else like make a souffle or paint a landscape, or somethibg related to accounting or something, anything! I do that care! Just really want that dad/son vibe of hanging out and getting important t life lessons and such.
Other stuff is good, too.

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RE:Looking for Father/uncle/grandpa figure in anaheim

Hello, Fritobandito.
I came across your post regarding finding some in CA.
I also noticed you posted this message 5 years ago but didnt see any response posted to your message.
Hopefully people responded directly to your profile or some other way.

Nudism is such a social venture; I hope youve found people as friends or nudist friends.

Im wishing you the best.

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