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A dictatorship underway in Italy

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Best wishes to everyone from Italy. I am writing this post, a little off topic with respect to the group's intentions to bring to your knowledge the very serious events that have been happening in Italy for a couple of years now. I know that something similar is happening almost everywhere in the world but here in Italy it is taking place in a particularly strong way and with a very strong censorship of anything that says something different to the voice of the government. Huge discrimination is carried out against people who are not vaccinated (or vaccinated with only one or two doses) effectively preventing them from working, making non-essential food purchases, asking for documents such as passports, accessing banks, attending bars, restaurants , public meetings. In fact, only strictly essential food items, medicines and very little else are allowed. Any treatment other than the vaccine is prohibited or otherwise hindered. The doctors who oppose are disbarred from the professional register and placed on condition not to work. Doctors who publicly talked about alternative treatments were killed. Nothing that really happens in Italy is communicated abroad and a climate of growing hatred towards unvaccinated people is constantly fed, the newspapers can only publish what the government has said. I myself am seriously at risk of losing my job within a few days and reduced to extremely precarious conditions. I am writing this so that we know that Italy is under a dictatorial regime, and the saddest thing is the blind resignation and the total absence of reason of the majority of the population. I think it is right that this situation be brought to the attention of those who, living outside Italy, do not know the real situation we are experiencing. Thanks for the attention.

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RE:A dictatorship underway in Italy

Its really just a cold with a media campaign

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