Bali Au Naturel


Bali  Indonesia

"Bali au Naturel" caters to the discerning traveler who wishes to relax in exclusive tropical and peaceful surroundings, with beautiful landscaped gardens - a perfect backdrop for the demanding traveler in search of clothing-optional luxury. Your days can be spent by doing nothing at all,...

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Perfect Place to Relax & De-stress

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I visited Bali Au-Naturel many many years ago. That was my very first visit to a naturist resort. It was the perfect place for me to de-stress and relax myself.

A relaxing swim, lying (sun tan) on the deck chair or pool side, taking a walk in the garden area, having my meals . . . nude 24/7 - it was just great!

There weren't any gym/weights room that time; there's also an added glass wing/building now. Nevertheless I believe Bali Au-Naturel is still one of the best resort to go to in Asia for that 24/7 naturist experience.

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RE:Perfect Place to Relax & De-stress

We second that.
Our first visit was in 2014 n recently a few months ago. The place is all green and scenic. Now they have a gymnasium.

Can't wait to go there again

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