The Ledges At Harriman Reservoir

End of Boyd Hill Rd
WilmingtonVermont  United States

On Harriman Reservoir there are 2 established beach swimming places, but also a place called "The Ledges". This is a well-known, traditional clothing-optional place. A large sandy beach and big, flat rocks at the water's edge (size of beach may be diminished when water level in...

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Not exactly a topic, I guess...

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But I'm planning to visit on the 15th or 17th if anyone will be in the area. I have a new girlfriend who is very open minded and who I think I can persuade to take a dip. Any other women who might be there would give her the confidence and security to give it a try.

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RE:Not exactly a topic, I guess...

I forgot that I had posted this! No, we did not go. Though I did get her to spend an entire day nude outside where we were camping. But we were alone the whole time with very little chance of anyone coming by. She confessed that it was really strange, but I think that most people have that opinion the first time they try it. It will make the next time easier so we'll build up to being somewhere more public.

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