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When using the forums, please follow the following rules.1. Be polite, even during controversial topics, name calling is not necessary or constructive.2. No promoting products or services on the forum.3. Please keep the forum non-sexual. No erotic...

Nudist photographer wanted

Hello fellow users,We are currently looking for Nudist photographers. Specifically Nudist photographers with a portfolio of photos they would like to contribute. The photos will be used for the site as well as for advertising. The photographer must...

Bare Burro 5K Olive Dell Ranch

Olive Dell Ranch is hosting the annual Bare Burro 5K Race this Sunday 4/10/ will be there participating. Feel free to come by and say Hi!Good luck to those running as it can be a tough run.Hope to see you there and stay...

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Just throwing this out there

Hey you all!Trust you are having a super blessed week so far. Very glad to be a part of this group and TrueNudists as well. My wife and I are both nudist, she's much newer to this than I am. I've been in the lifestyle and mindset for YEARS...

visiting Egypt

How r u guys ... Is there any one going to visit Egypt soon! if there any... Please reply with the date and the place u r going to visit.. So we could meet :)

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We should be able to put photos from our...

I'm a photographer, I use flickr a lot, on flickr you upload photos to your profile & from there you put those photos into groups. you can add one photo to hundreds of groupsHere you upload photos to your profile but have to re-upload them...

Rock Haven Lodge (Murfreesboro, TN)

Hello everyone, I am considering visiting Rock Haven Lodge this week for the first time. Not only will it be my first time at Rock Haven, but it will be my truly first time in a social nudist resort environment. Therefore, I have two areas of...

South Orange County CA

Hello everyone. I am a regular at 24 hour fitness in South OC. I visited Glen Eden once where they had a gym area. I was not prepared to work out and wish I had at least given it a try since I think about working out nude all the time. I do home...

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I did it!

Today my dog and I went to The Ledges in Wilmington VT. I was a bit nervous, walked around, passed two naked guys, walked all the way till I saw a sign saying to wear clothes then walked halfway back to a secluded spot and took my clothes off. I...

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