Apollo Beach

Turtlemound Road
New Smyrna BeachFL  United States

Discover the serene shores of Apollo Beach in New Smyrna Beach, FL, a premier destination for enthusiasts of the naturist lifestyle. This clothing-optional beach offers a peaceful retreat where the principles of FKK (Freikrperkultur) thrive, emphasizing a natural way of living that is both...

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Apollo beach 1st visit

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Traveling through the area and decided to check out Canaveral National beach since Ian and Nicole shut it down, so heres an update for Apollo today. The park and beaches are open with only beach lot 1 closed. 2-5 is open, 5 being the nude one. Parking is a problem, but not because of damage. Theres only 36 + 2 handicap parking spots total and you cannot park outside of them. Park rangers patrol parking lot to ensure theres no blocking since its the end of the road and it was full at 1 pm today so because of this limitation the beach wasnt crowded and with the amount of traffic going through it seems a lot of people want to be nude. There was plenty of parking in all the other lots which is a mile between each lot unfortunately lot 4 to 5 is 2 miles and extends southward about a mile to the restricted camping border, plus this beach is slanted, not flat, since its a massive dune and the sand is a loose gravel texture, not packed even at water line, making walking harder. Its a beautiful area so if you come I recommend packing lightly and prepare to walk. Beach closes at 6 pm winter and 8 pm summer and the park rangers stalk the nude area to ensure you are heading out by 5:30/7:30 pm or they will ticket you. Talked with one tonight who I passed at 5;36 on boardwalk and had been watching me and another guy I passed (clothed) going the opposite way. I noticed 3 rangers there but none at the other lots as I left. Im spending this week here if anyone wishes to connect.

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RE:Apollo beach 1st visit

Hi, and thanks for your update. I was there the day after Thanksgiving. It was high tide around 9 a.m., and the sea was rough, so there was not much beach, but when I have been there at other times, the sand is packed and smooth at low tide, and there is not much difference between Apollo and Playalinda. Since Playalinda will be closed for a long time, I will be visiting Apollo more often.

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