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If you have never sunbathed, been swimming, enjoyed nature, walked through the woods, relaxed or partied without the confines of clothes, you have missed out on one of life's simple but rewarding pleasures. Come join us.

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Wife and I are thinking of visiting CT the week of the 4th. We love to hike naked. We have never been here so any tips on how the hiking is would be great. Also is there any place close to get massages?

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RE:July 4th week

While the trails are not super long, they are nice and well-kept. I enjoy visiting for the trail hiking followed by a hot tub or pool dip at the end. You can make a nice 1.2-2.2 mile loop or so by taking one trail and back-tracking on another one. I hope to hike the cedar trails again this summer. Cheers!

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RE:July 4th week

Following up with Threadbarren on more information about the trails at Cedar Trails:

* I think the total length of all the trails combined is just under 4 miles. You can get a good walk on them. Lots of foliage / trees to check out as well, plus a meadow with a couple horses.
* There are "major" and "minor" trails. The major trails (which are named) are generally longer, but better kept and easier to hike. The minor trails (which are colored) are usually shorter but more narrow / curvy and more difficult to hike. Sometimes they will be blocked off by some down trees or plants, so be careful and wear sturdy shoes.
* The trail at the meadow is very steep, so be careful. There are also a few other steep areas usually marked by "slow" or "slope" signs.
* Be VERY careful on the bridges when wet; they are slippery!
* Wear bug repellent! While the bugs on the trails are not so bad in May / early June, they pick up significantly in later June and July. You will get eaten alive without repellent. I'd recommend Picaridin if you want something effective with less odor and won't burn as much as DEET. But DEET is still the way to go if you want maximum protection.
* Be careful of poison. There is a little bit of poison ivy out there (not that bad but it is out there). I'd highly recommend a cool shower with soap immediately after hiking to neutralize the sap in case you made contact.
* There are a few benches scattered about where you can sit and rest. Remember nudist etiquette; use a towel if you sit on the benches.
* Do NOT go down in the crater off of Overlook Trail; I was informed (because I went down there before and didn't know) that's private property and thus you could be arrested for indecency if you go beyond that boundary. It's also dangerous and very hard to climb back up.

As far as massages, unfortunately there are no massage services at Cedar Trails.

Hope these tips helped!

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