Club Orient

Baie Orientale
St. Martin 97150 French Southern Territories

Club Orient is the premier clothing optional resort on the Caribbean Island of St.Martin, French West Indies. Our resort offers 137 rooms situated on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. White sand, crystal clear water, a barrier reef, and three uninhabited islands in close vicinity make...

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First time in mid-April 2015

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Hi all,
Going to CO in April. This will be our first time there. We are both in our 30s and from checking tripadvisor it appears most are older couples. We do not mind at all but was wondering if that is still true? Are there a lot of people in April? Thanks

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RE: First time in mid-April 2015

I will be there the first week in April. I am in my forties and wife thirties. This will be our first time not only visiting club orient but also any nudist location. Looking forward to it. Curious if there is anyway to get a picture of us with our ship in background. Wasn't sure if they had people that would take your picture because i don't want to myself and risk offending anyone.

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RE: First time in mid-April 2015

I will be visiting there from a cruise April 7th. Curious if anyone else will be.

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